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Low Matters

Recently, blood samples of 10 individuals had been taken and dispatched to a lab for analysis. Specifically, the samples had been tested for toxic chemical pollutants, pesticides and business chemicals. Some of these toxic components came from beauty products. What is most thrilling about this research is that scientists were studying pollutants in the air, in our water, and on our land for many years, but only just studied it in people.

289 chemicals were found with an average of 200 per individual; By category, there were 28 waste products, dioxins, chemicals normally gotten from smokestacks or the air; 48 were from consumer products that were presumably consumed; 213 were industrial chemicals that had been banned over 30 years ago. The hassle with these studies is that none of the ten Americans had been in a manufacturing facility or farm workers. So, how then were those potentially toxic chemicals found in them? The fact was nothing was known about them because they have been FETUSES; this is what we do know:

Some 300 quarts of blood flow through to the fetus from the pregnant mother each day;

The belief that the Placenta filters out toxic chemicals is simply not true;

Women use an average of 12 personal care products daily and are exposed to over 160 ingredients, some of which are toxic;

158 were neurotoxins, i.e. lead, PCB's, and mercury that can have profound effects on intelligence and motor skills The Chemical Industry says there's no need for alarm due to the fact the doses are low, measured in parts in step with billion, and for this reason safe. This would make us ask whether a part of the billion would possibly cause harm. The solution is similarly alarming. Consider those real-life facts: Albuterol, used by many to stop Asthma attacks, is effective at 2.1 parts per billion per dose; Paxil, used as an anti-depressant, is effective at 30 parts per billion per dose; Cialis, one might say has profound therapeutic effects, is effective for 36 hours at 30 parts per billion per dose; Nuvaring, used for birth control, is effective at 0.035 parts per billion per dose.


Decades of exposure have created a silent pandemic in our country, as there are will increase in diseases and issues that can't be explained by technological know-how and genetics only:

56% increase in brain cancer among children; 1 in 150 children has Autism; An 83% increase in Lymphocytic Leukemia in children during the period of 1975 - 2002; over the same period a condition known as Hypospadias has doubled (birth defect of the penis whereby the urethra does not come out at the end but somewhere else in the shaft and will require surgery); 7.31 million US couples, a 20% increase in the last decade, have trouble getting pregnant or carrying to full term; Men have a 1% decrease per year in sperm count in the US and Northern Europe; 1 of 3 women will get breast cancer; 1 of 2 men will develop some form of cancer.

From my preceding articles on poisonous ingredients in cosmetic products; you must already recognize that the Cosmetic Industry is self-regulated, which means if the beauty manufacturer says their product is safe, it is able to go to market with any pre-testing and considered as a safe product. The FDA does no longer do any pre-marketplace checking out and accepts the words of the manufacturer.

So, what then can be done about this? One must go on with life and cannot be expected to stay in worry of everything put into our bodies. Back the year 1976, a law called the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) was put in place. This regulation grandfathered in 62,000 existing commercial chemical compounds and some other 700 to 1000 new chemical compounds are brought yearly. These chemical compounds are presumed to be secure as there are not any requirements for the producer of each chemical to prove their safety. However, TSCA makes use of the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, to manage the method. Here are the results: In 34 years the listing of commercial chemical substances has grown to over 80,000;

80% of these chemical compounds submitted to the EPA are permitted inside three weeks;

Only five chemicals were banned in the 34 years and one among them, a widely known most cancers inflicting chemical known as Asbestos, became reversed by way of one of the courts of the judicial system because the court ruled that when 10 years of observation and 45,000 pages of documentation by means of the EPA, it had not proved with truth, via the policies governing TSCA, that Asbestos causes cancer. It is sad that most Cosmetology Schools http://ourworldisbeauty.com/ are not aware of this.



The backside line to all this is that TSCA is old and should be modified. My next article will cope with what is being done in Washington to deal with this awful state of affairs probably being because of the toxic components in our blood, however do not hold your breath, due to the fact if it has taken the EPA 34 years to get most effective 4 chemical substances banned, possible simplest believe what it will take to move this mountain of records, over 80,000 chemicals thus far, to guard our youngsters and our youngsters' children. The Cosmetic Industry plays a big function in health threat as there are many poisonous ingredients in cosmetic merchandise that discover their way into the fetus from the bloodstream of the pregnant mom thru the umbilical cord directly into the fetus.

With the statistics above supplied through the Environmental Working Group and our own authorities via hearings hung on February 26, 2009, absolutely you can best be assured of secure, poisonous-free cosmetic products by using searching, finding and shopping for only licensed natural cosmetics. The seals and symbols of certification on the packaging themselves can identify these products.